Survival Swim & Beyond with Judy
Survival Swim & Beyond with Judy

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Founded in 1966, Infant Swimming Resource is the global leader in the industry we pioneered: survival swimming lessons for infants and young children. Our team of over 600 highly-trained ISR Instructors provides the safest and most effective survival swimming lessons for infants and young children available. The ISR Lessons our students receive today are the product of over 50+ years of research and achieve unparalleled results in pools around the globe each day. Today, our mission, “Not One More Child Drowns,” is the foundation of everything we do and is the driving force behind our staff, our independent ISR Instructors, and our partnerships with corporations and non-profit organizations. We believe the successful prevention of the leading cause of accidental death for children under the age of 4 in the U.S. will require a large group of caring and capable professionals whose sole focus is to save lives. To date, we have delivered more than 12,000,000 ISR Lessons, in our effort toward giving the littlest members of our global community the skills they would need to save themselves if they were to reach the water alone, while also forming the foundation for a lifetime of fun, safe enjoyment of the water. 

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