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Survival Swim & Beyond with Judy Fernandez
Survival Swim & Beyond with Judy Fernandez
Family Aquatic Safety List
At ISR, safety is always our #1 priority! Here is our Family Aquatic Safety Checklist that covers ALL bodies of water you and your children may be exposed to.
Adobe Acrobat document [352.7 KB]

Lessons are Monday-Friday, for no more than 10 minutes per lesson.  Repetition and consistency are vital factors to your child's success.  This is an investment in your child's life long safety and enjoyment around water!


For more detailed information, visit the 'Frequent Questions' section of this website.

First Day Checklist:  More Detailed Information To Follow After Scheduling is Completed 


1.  Three (3) Towels (2 for the pool deck & 1 to dry off)


2.  Doubled Up Swim Diapers (for kids 3 and under, or who have not been potty trained for at least 6 months, 2 reuseable are preffered; better quality, saves money & the environment)  


3.  National Registration Form


4.  Lesson Guidelines Form 


5.  Digital Release Form


6.  Interference Guidelines


7.  Additional Liability Waiver


All forms are emailed after scheduling is completed.  They are signed digitally poolside on the first day of lessons.  


8.  An encouraging poolside attitude.  YOU are your child's #1 cheerleader!  ISR Cape Coral is a calm, positive and confidence building environment :)  Children easily pick up on your emotions and reactions - maintaining a postive manner before, after and during lesson-time is very important!

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