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ISR Cape Coral
Infant Swim Cape Coral
Infant Swim Cape Coral

       Pool Locations

Infant Swim Cape Coral, private, heated outdoor pool.  


There are no "regular" public business hours available.  You may schedule a day and time to visit the pool and/or observe current lessons.    


Scuba Quest Cape Coral


Heated indoor pool.  


Located at 31 North Del Prado Blvd Cape Coral, FL


Business hours Mon-Sat 9am to 6pm, and Sunday from 10am - 2pm.    


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Please visit the 'Scheduling' Tab to reserve your time slot.  Locations change based on season.  Refer to the Lesson Guidelines Form under the 'First Day Information' tab for more detailed information on locations.      

Infant Swim Cape Coral (Private Pool)
Scuba Quest Cape Coral
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