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Survival Swim & Beyond with Judy Fernandez
Survival Swim & Beyond with Judy Fernandez
Judy grew up right here in Cape Coral (off of Four Mile Cove) and is about as "local" as you can get!  She was born in Sarasota and has lived here since 1982, when little to nothing existed in the area.

She's been teaching survival skills in The Cape since 2015 and has currently taught over 700 students to date.  She recently became certified in adaptive aquatics through the Dan Marino Foundation to help further her career, specializing in children with special needs.  Judy is also a Certified Pool Operator (CPO-616376) and licensed Florida Realtor.   

She attended Caloosa Elementary and Middle Schools (the original one-story brick building, forever a proud Caloosa Cougar) and graduated from North Fort Myers High School - Go Red Knights!
Judy has an A.S and A.A. from Edison Community College (now FSW), and undergraduate degree in Communication from Florida Gulf Coast University, with minors in Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies.  
Her Dad is retired law enforcement (FL Marine Patrol) and U.S. Navy Vet.  Her Mom is a retired RN.  They both have served this community for 30+ years and still live in the house Judy grew up in.  Judy currently resides with her husband, 23 yr old son and rescue dog, Lucie.
"Surival swim in my hometown of Cape Coral was long overdue.  Lee County ranks #4 in the State of Florida for child drownings.  Being a SWFL Native, I don't remember a time not being in or around water, or not knowing how to swim.  My childhood consisted of weekends on the boat, with friends and family, along with night-time swims in the pool and snorkeling in the Keys!  Children growing up in Southwest Florida should have respect for the water and know what to do if they ever find themselves in a situation alone, even for a moment!"
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