Survival Swim & Beyond with Judy
Survival Swim & Beyond with Judy

It takes approximately day 4-6 weeks to master survival skills... depending on your child's age, developmental readiness and previous aquatic experience.   


This is an investment in your child's safety and lifelong enjoyment around water!  It all starts here.


Over the years, lots of my swim familes have asked for small monetary gift donations for survival swim lessons for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter and other holidays (in lieu of toys and other items) as a way to help pay for and / or offset the costs of lessons.        


Your child will learn how to become an independent aquatic problem-solver!


There are countless testimonies that state infants and kids who are survival swim trained become outstanding swimmers as they continue to grow.  Coach Judy teaches your child to both swim and survive!  The confidence that is built here is expected to last a lifetime and spill over into other aspects of their young lives.


As a parent speaking from experience, I can guarantee you will spend more money on other sports and recreational activities, like gymnastics, dance, baseball, football, etc.  All great activities, but not life skills.  Especially living here in Florida!

Weekly Tution   

$210(+) per week, depending on location  - Private In Home Lessons - Cape Coral, Matlacha, Pine Island, and some parts of Fort Myers & North Ft Myers.  No discounts available for travel lessons.    

Please inquire with Judy directly for Sanibel pricing and scheduling availability.


***First week lesson deposits are non-refundable***
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