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ISR Cape Coral, LLC teaches infants (6-12 months), toddlers and children (1-6 years) a life skill.  


As a parent speaking from experience, I can guarantee you will spend more money on other sports activities, including gymnastics, dance, baseball, football, etc.  All great activities, but not life skills.  


This is an investment in your child's safety and lifelong enjoyment around water!  It all starts here.    


Your child will learn how to become an independent aquatic problem-solver!


There are countless testimonies that state infants and kids who are ISR Self-Rescue® trained become outstanding swimmers as they continue to grow.  ISR teaches your child to swim and survive!  The confidence that is built here is expected to last a lifetime and spill over into other aspects of their young lives.


Simply stated, you cannot put a price on a child's life.

Weekly Tution

$90.00 per week (Cash, Check & Pay Pal Accepted) 
Available Discounts

Local First Responder Discount:  $75 per week (Police, Fire, EMT/Paramedic).  Parents of students only.  Copy of ID badge required.
Sibling Discount:  $170 per wk for 2 children, $230 per wk for 3 siblings  

You will want to schedule siblings back-to-back, so please reserve 10 minutes for each child (Scuba Quest, SQCC) and 12 minutes per child (Infant Swim Cape Coral, ISRCC).
ISR National Registration 

After scheduling, a national registration fee of $105.00 (one time only), then $35.00 per calendar year for refresher and maintenance students.
The national registration fee / interview covers the cost of medical and developmental screenings to ensure the safest possible lesson for your child. 
The national registration fee is paid directly to ISR via credit card after you schedule your child on this website and does not include any weekly tution.  

An automatic link to complete national registration will be sent to you via email once you have completed initial scheduling (See 'Scheduling' Tab).  

This automatic email will come from - check your spam folder if you do not receive it in your inbox and please be sure to read all instructions.  Do not respond to this email address, the primary email to reach me is  

No discounts are available on National Registration.
After registration is complete, you will receive a "Welcome Package" from ISR containing a Parent Resource Book and ISR demo DVD - you may elect for a PDF Version, either way, please be sure to take the time and read it - very informative and important information is there for your knowledge.   

You will receive a $15.00 gift code to use on-line at - swim diapers, towels & other water accessories are available there.    
Scholarships are currently closed. 

You may email the instructor to be placed on the scholarship wait list.  Scholarships are offered on a first come, first serve basis.    

Please email the instructor with your name, ages & number of children, location, along with a paragraph explaining your financial need. - with 'Scholarship' in the subject line.    

Scholarship does not mean "free" - Parents are still responsible for National Registration.  Weekly tution payment is discounted.  Scholarship applicants are required to submit tax return documents and / or proof of income for consideration.         

Gift Certificates

You may purchase Gift Certificates for National Registration (New & Refresher Students) on-line @ 
For weekly tuition gift certificates, you will still need to schedule a time slot on this website ('Scheduling') and complete National Registration.  Weekly payment can be arranged through Pay Pal.  Call 239-848-8088 or email for more details.

Maintenance Lessons  

For children who have already completed ISR Self-Rescue® $18.00 per lesson payable by cash, check or credit card via PayPal.  I offer a discount for maintenance kids that come 2x per week.  Please inquire on pricing and availability.   

Maintenance lessons are VERY necessary if your child has had an unexpected fall into the water, will not float or perform the rollback to float, or is showing any sort of hesitation or lack of confidence in performing the skills they mastered in ISR lessons.

***Refunds for first week lesson deposit will only be given with a two-week advance cancellation notice in writing***
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